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Our History

The Association of Supervisory and Administrative Personnel (ASASP) was founded in 1989 as the Association of School-Based Administrators. The concept of the union was developed by several school administrators as a means of taking charge of their working conditions, contractual rights and negotiations which had previously been conducted by the local NEA affiliated teacher's union. There had been increasing discontent among school administrators who felt they were not being adequately represented by that union.

Attempts at forming such a union had failed twice in the previous twelve years due to administrator's reluctance to let of the teacher-based union and the fear of the unknown. By 1989, the control exercised by the teacher's union was deeply resented as administrator's were seeing themselves as having unaddressed and unique professional concerns and needs.  In order to form their own bargaining unit, a vote had to be taken among those affected and the teacher's union was defeated by a 2 to 1 margin, despite the flow of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NEA and its state and local affiliates. 

During the summer of 1989, the new union had negotiated its first contract with the Board of Education, receiving protections previously not available and compensation for administrators and supervisors that recognized the unique jobs of this group of employees.  
ASASP has subsequently re-negotiated contracts, receiving additional protections and compensation, some only after declaring impasse and going to arbitration.  Furthermore, it became the representative for a group of previously unrepresented middle-management employees and successfully negotiated an agreement that provided this group with protections and compensation commensurate with its needs.  
ASASP has also taken leadership in the State of Maryland in bringing together other similar unions to form the Maryland State Association of Administrators and Supervisors (MASAS) in an effort to deal with issues at the State level.  With the added benefits offered by the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), ASASP is one of the strongest administrative and supervisory unions in Maryland.  As we continue to strengthen ourselves and our own sense of security, so benefits our school system. 
Our union is an affiliate of the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), the exclusive national labor union for school administrators, professionals, and supervisors speaking out for excellence and equity in all of our schools, workplaces and communities.

AFSA members are leaders in their schools and communities and are charged with the privilege and responsibility of helping to mold our nation’s students into successful, mindful individuals.

As school leaders, AFSA members are constantly advocating for better public schools and systems of education. In regards to education reform, AFSA members support reforms that put students first and include school administrators in the discussion and implementation.

As a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, AFSA members recognize the importance of collective bargaining rights and their right to organize. AFSA members are active in the labor movement and proudly stand in solidarity with all trade unionists and school administrators.

For more information, contact us at (202) 986-4209 or email afsa@AFSAadmin.org.

The first Negotiated Agreement was negotiated and became effective beginning September 1, 1989 through June 30, 1992.  The Negotiating Team for the then entitled, Association of School Based Administrators and Supervisors (ASBAS) consisted of:  Thomas Powers, Chief Negotiator, Michael P. Perich, President, Frank T. Stetson, Vice President, Nancy H. McClelland - Member Board of Directors, Mary Ellen,  Member – Board of Directors, Roland Moore, Team Member, Richie Coleman Scott, Team Member and William R. Watkins, Member – Board of Directors.